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Dr Dorothy Sawczuk (Dentist)

Dr Dorothy Sawczuk Dentist Adelaide CBDDr Dorothy Sawczuk completed her bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide in 1988. From that time she had been involved in several private practices around Adelaide, also during part of that time travelled as a locum dentist around areas of Australia.

Since graduation Dorothy has been devoted to the art of dentistry and her professional passion is creating and enhancing beautiful smiles. Continuing education has always been a strong focus point for Dorothy as she believes you need to keep up with the latest techniques in order to give the patient the best treatment options available. Over the last 25 years she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and her practice has flourished due to her thorough and honest approach. As the Principal of the practice she strives to maintain current and first class concepts and practices, through continuing dental education for all her staff.

Life is very busy for Dorothy, apart from busy business life there is the busy family life. Mark, her husband has this year decided to be a full time student and train to be a teacher; Chelsea and Oliver are enjoying primary school and of course there’s the family dog. There has been a great passion for travel in the family, and there are many more plans for the family to enjoy seeing our great country and adventures overseas.

Fortunately, many of the conferences take her interstate and sometimes overseas. Often the family help with carrying the bags. Some of the other hobbies like golf and scrapbooking are temporarily on hold until the kids are a bit older and Mark finishes his studies.



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